Dear Investor,

As investor protection is our main priority, we need to ensure our investment products are suitable for each investor.

On the basis of one or more of your answers to this appropriateness test, we cannot be sure that you fully understand the terms or risks involved and therefore whether you are suitable to invest or in other words, whether this investment is appropriate for you.

We are required to make you aware of this and provide you with a warning. If, you would still like to proceed, please complete the declaration below and we will ask you for additional information, reassess your circumstances and whether you are able to continue with making the investment.

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Our investor

Why do we need to do this?

Investor protection is our main priority and we want to ensure our investment products are appropriate for each investor. We consequently employ a simple three-step process to establish that investors are happy to make their own investment decisions, understand the terms, and are aware that investments carry risk.

This is required before we are able to send you information about our investment opportunities and before you invest – but this process does not commit you to making an investment.

Financial transactions are built on trust, so you should feel secure in the knowledge that we at Exmount Commercial property fully comply with all regulation set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Step 1

  1. Would you agree that it is usually safer to invest in corporate bonds listed on an exchange rather than those that are unlisted (not listed on an exchange)?

  2. Would you agree that unlisted bonds are not tradeable on the secondary market (an exchange)?

  3. Does investing in bonds involve risk to your capital?

  4. Does your initial investment have to be held until the end of the agreed term?

Step 2

Dear ,

We at Exmount Commercial Property LTD treat all our investors as 'retail' clients by default, unless explicitly notified otherwise. This is a requirement of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation, and simply means that you are not a professional client or an eligible counterparty.

Step 3

Experienced Investor

What is an experienced investor?

Someone who has invested in company investments, bonds or shares or other securities, that are unlisted and cannot be bought or sold on stock exchanges, in the last two years, or someone who has been a member of a business angel syndicate or network for at least six months. The FCA term for this is a Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor.


High-Net-Worth Investor

What is a high-net-worth investor?

Someone who has an annual income of £100,000 or more, or net assets of £250,000 or more. “Net assets” cannot include the house that you live in or your pension. The FCA term for this is a Self-Certified High-Net-Worth Investor.

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Exmount Construction Ltd, trading as Exmount Commercial Developments (below, “Exmount” or “the company”) is an independent property development and regeneration company that focuses on commercial, retail, greenfield and brownfield sites to generate value for its stakeholders.

We work with property developers, landowners, retail supply chain experts and investors on an extensive portfolio of projects across the UK.

We believe the quality of a building lies in its capacity to improve the quality of life of its tenants. Whether we are engaged in developing warehousing and industrial, retail, education, or office spaces, we always consider and accommodate the needs of the future occupants, their productivity and take into account the tones, mood and ambience of the spaces being created.

Maximising commercial property potential with sustainable added value

Exmount has worked hard to assemble a team of highly experienced managers. We liaise with experienced developers in our assessment and evaluation of potential commercial property developments across the UK. We don’t just see ourselves as a company, we see ourselves as a family.

Commercial property development is cyclical and not about individual or short-term financial reporting periods. It is about creating value over the long-term, and this requires financial discipline and balance sheet strength.

Above all, enhancing property value is about having time and patience. This is afforded to Exmount by its strategy of taking on only low financial risk, i.e. by matching supply with demand, selling forward and borrowing only when future cash flow is sufficiently assured. This means that we differ from our competitors in the way we acquire land and select projects, confident that our team of experts understands what is then needed to create a perfect development for those who are to occupy it.

The above represents ‘Our Vision’. By founding our business strategy on the above five values, we continue to provide customers with an exceptional service, delivering high quality sites where communities and businesses can thrive.

The skills, knowledge and dedication of our people, alongside the efficient management of our operations, are fundamental to the ongoing success of our business.

To drive improvements in performance, we continually review and develop our strategy across our five focus areas to address the key challenges and opportunities facing Exmount, our industry and other business sectors.

We are committed to developing individually designed, high quality multiple use sites with low environmental impact.

We are committed to making the right long-term decisions whilst running our business efficiently and working with our supply chain.

Great developments are delivered by bringing together teams of talented people with a real passion for creating places that stand the test of time.